PERTH 2016.

In 2013 part of my Australian Masters Walks Award for 2012 was a Perth World Masters Games 2016 T-Shirt, but at the time it seemed like a lifetime away. At 86 years of age there were no guarantees that I would ever wear it. Since then I’ve had a few minor hiccups with a stress foot fracture and a hamstring to contend with. Eventually it was approaching the end of 2015 and the thought of the World Masters Games next year was uppermost in my thoughts and dreams.

I decided to embark on a training programme, starting with the services of a personal trainer to help me maintain and perhaps improve my level of fitness. She has been such a godsend and now friend, totally with me every step of the way in this journey. I had already gained a lot of confidence when competing in Adelaide in October 2015 and again in Adelaide in April 2016 where I was awarded the ‘Walks Athlete of the Championships 2016’ in the 10 klm event. My physiotherapist and trainer had given me a 20 week training programme that I knew would produce the best results, and I have followed this slavishly.

It is now only a few weeks before I leave for Perth. Registrations have closed and competitors are coming from just about every country on the globe and a very exciting and new experience for me. I will be wearing the Australian colours of green and gold which I feel will be an honour to say the least. There are two other younger competitors in my 85/90 age group, both Australian, but my focus is going to be on the Romanian lady whose 90th birthday was in July this year because her times will be crucial to my future record plans. To say I’m excited is an understatement.

My expectations at the Games as usual are high, but I want to finish in good competitive times against the two younger contestants and will give them a run for their money. It’s positively crazy but I’m actually looking forward to my 90th birthday 11 days after the Games close with so many rewarding possibilities ahead.

© 2015 by Heather Lee . 


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