The Relay is now only a few days away and the weekend weather forecast is uncertain, but rain, hail or shine I for one will be there, along with all the other committed Relay participants. The weather is unimportant because what is more important is the show of support and the raising of money for Cancer Research and finding a cure for a disease that really affects everyone of us in some way or another. The opening Ceremony and the releasing of the doves is a reminder of why we are here to walk over 24 hours, a daunting thought perhaps for some, but it is purposeful, meaningful and very personal for me. With every step there is a determination of mind and spirit and I am very proud to be among the dedicated supporters, each with their own memories of a lost family member or friend. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The Hope Ceremony is always very moving and reflective when we place candles in remembrance of our family and friends, forming the word HOPE in the Grandstand where it glows in the dark through the night. This is when I like the peace and the darkness that encompasses me and I’m alone with my thoughts. As the night progresses the numbers dwindle to quite a few, but then the night is like a long two minute silence paying homage to lives lost and lives ruined by Cancer. Much money has been raised by this Community effort but the fight goes on as the battle against Cancer has not yet been won. To be diagnosed with Cancer brings with it the uncertainty of life itself and much anguish to Carers’ and Survivors’- so please donate. I will walk a few laps for anyone who cannot for physical reasons and in memory of a loved one, just make a donation to Team Heather Lee in the Hawkesbury Relay for Life 2015. This is my 12th year since the Relay for Life was inaugurated and not my last.

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