At 88 years of age I have so far dodged the dreaded Cancer bullet but having watched my husband slowly and painfully die of this disease, and being fit and able, I feel obligated to do whatever I can and whatever it takes to find a cure to wipe out this scourge once and for all. The Relay for Life gives me this opportunity and I welcome each Relay with the same enthusiasm and optimism for the researchers finding answers to this enigma.

Each year there are more volunteers willing to help in any way they can, having had their own experiences with family members and friends affected by Cancer in some form, but more are always needed. So if you can help, please do.

To those who unfortunately cannot participate in the Relay I would ask them to please donate and assist in this way, also to join us at the Showground and to show your support by being present. I feel sure you will find it to be an uplifting experience and your support will be greatly appreciated.

Those wishing to donate online, Team Heather can be found on the Hawkesbury Relay for Life website and all donations will be gratefully received. I hope to see you there and be able to share this experience with me.

© 2015 by Heather Lee . 


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