A very controversial and contentious rule of competition in a Masters Games event saw me disqualified recently, crushing my spirit in the process. I had trained long and hard in hot and often very humid conditions very early in the mornings. It left me with a very big point to prove as I had set my sights on a World Record, failing that, the unclaimed Australian one, and my training times were very good indeed. Besides that I was devastated. Knowing this rule had some differing opinions among the judges I had asked for some clarification before the race, so decided to e-mail the Masters Games Officials and to keep it cordial while making some comments in my defence. I stated that I felt I had competed within this rule and was actually some 35 seconds under World Record time when asked to leave the track. It was a numbing experience but had the support of some very good people, two of whom were actually at the track and personally witnessed what happened. We all felt that I had been unfairly judged but I’m a very determined sort of person with faith in my ability, knowing that I would have to wait to be able to prove myself. That opportunity had been lost for now.

However, I have now been offered the chance to compete on the Gold Coast on May 3rd next in another 10,000m event. Feel sure some conclusions can be drawn from that, and personally some retribution. The Officials there are more than willing to assist in any way possible and everything is in place for me to make another attempt on the record, and it will certainly be in a much more harmonious and friendly atmosphere. The Gold Coast Track is where I broke my two World Records in 2012.

My disqualification has apparently caused a lot of dissension and while I’m not happy to be at the centre of all this, the outcome is a good one. It’s always good to remember when you are down that ‘the only way is up’.

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